How To Make Your Makeup Waterproof?

BY Mayank

Who does not like to look beautiful? Everyone loves being adored and complemented and therefore everyone loves learning make up tips and tricks. While most of us have excelled at the art of applying makeup, we still struggle with making it waterproof. No matter whether a glam squad is hired or you choose to do your make up by your own, figuring out what shall suit you the most is the fundamental step for getting that optimal look. There are hoards of waterproof beauty products available. However, you do need to care a bit to ensure their workability on your skin. Also, walking an extra mile while using the non-waterproof makeup products can fetch the same results. Let us know those secret tips now:

1. Do not hurry up: Keep the skin thoroughly exfoliated, hydrated and clear. Take out enough time for makeup and do not initiate anything in a rush. Let everything blend in properly and finally apply a makeup setter. Spraying the makeup setter would keep your makeup intact for up to 8 hours. It is indeed the best thing if you are going to attend a long get-together like a friend's wedding or your own wedding.

Use a makeup bag to keep your main makeup stuffs together in order to save more time for your delicate make up.

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2. Do not let oily skin overtake it all: Always use a toilet paper or a tissue for removing the excess oil from your face. Pat it gently over the makeup to absorb excessive sweat and oil without extracting away your hard work. Make sure your skin is deeply cleaned.

3. Go for DIY waterproof foundation: if you don't own a waterproof foundation then make some. Take some milk of magnesia over a cotton ball for getting the same effect. It shall assist you in case you sweat excessively on 'look-good-today' days.

4. Resort for lip stain: Apply a lip stain if you really want the attention of the people around you all the time. Apply a slight lip gloss over the lips for bringing out the real effect of the color.

5. Prime and prep: Dabbing and blending is the prerequisite of a successful makeup that lasts long. If your make up has not been absorbed by the skin, then it would not get the expected look. Hydration of skin along with properly applying the makeup is the only method to do it right.

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6. Layer it up: layering is indeed a key to get that ravishing appearance. Use dual eye shadow and blusher instead of one. Layering imparts texture and dimensions to the makeup along with making it last longer. if you don't have a waterproof eye shadow, layering would ensure that everything lasts longer than it can.

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7. Use a primer: A base primer before using any makeup product would also keep things intact. Use a wax coat over your eyebrows to keep them settled till you wash your face.

Just a little care and you will be ready to rock and steal the show. I personally prefer waterproof makeup because once applied, you don't have to give it a finishing touch repeatedly. Check out some handy products like 5 pc waterproof makeup set along with foundation and concealer pallet to look beautiful for longer numbers of hours.

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