How to Hack Fashion Like a Pro?

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No matter how much you are into fashion, perfecting everything can be tricky. More than that, not everything comes naturally to every one of us and we have to make a few tweaks to pull off certain trends. To help you out, here are a handful of hacks that will help you change your fashion game and ace every look book like a pro.

The Neck Trick

One of the easiest ways to make sure that the pair of denims in your hands fits you or not without going to the changing room is by using a simple neck trick. Hold the pair of jeans by the waist and wrap it around your neck. If the ends of the piece meet without stretching or overlapping, the piece will fit your waist too. If you are unsure, try this trick with the denims you already own and wear and you will feel confident.

3 Piece Trick

Have you ever thought how do the celebrities manage to look stunning every time? This is called the three-piece trick and has been shared by a leading stylist from Hollywood. The best way to untangle a mysterious, sexy look is to look at the accessories. You will find that all such complicated looks have three things in common – a statement filled handbag, a pair of hot shoes and a useful and trendy pair of sunglasses. This means that you need nothing more than a handbag, shoes and glasses to achieve the celebrity kind of a look.

Black Pointed Toes

If you want a pair of heels that you can wear to any place, any occasion and without a second thought, the only thing you need is a pair of black pointed toe shoes. Leather or velvet, these heels can be carried with any outfit. They look as hot with the denims as they do with a long skirt. If you do not have a black pointed heel in your wardrobe, you might want to buy one from the below:

Use a Scarf, wisely!

A scarf is one of the few accessories that can be used in multiple ways. If you have a bright colored scarf, you can use it to highlight your neck and face by wrapping it around your neck in a cowboy style. The other way to use a scarf is to wear it like a beanie or a headband which gives you a more boho look. The scarf does not end here. A scarf can also be used to enhance other accessories like a bag. For example, a scarf tied on handle of a top handle bag dramatically changes the look and feel of the bag, thus making it a brand-new accessory in your wardrobe. Try it out yourself and let us know how are you using your scarf.

Credit @malinina_ek

Tartan Square Shawl Scarf - Sapphire Blue Weave Textured Leather Tote Bag - Gray

Color Block Fringed Long Scarf - Black

Credit @sarascity

Shop her outfit:

Color Block Fringed Long Scarf - Black

Color Block Fringed Long Scarf

Magical Measuring Tape

Your body measurements are the most vital things that you need when shopping online. This is why a measuring tape can be your best friend if you are a fan of online shopping. Always keep one in your drawer and before you make a purchase, check the size chart as the sizes and measurements vary across brands.

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