How To Do Warm Gold And Brown Eye Shadow


The beauty of brown smokey eyes is that they complement any eye color. If you have warm skin tones, try going for this cocoa brown with shimmering gold combo!

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Warm Gold & Brown Eye Makeup

1. (Not shown) Prepare the base of your face: Apply your foundation and blush, and apply primer to your eyelids. Wash all oils and residues from your fingers, and let the primer on your eyelids dry.

2. Start with the inner corner: Use your forefinger to pick up a liberal amount of the matte cream eye shadow and apply to the inner corners of your eyelids as the base of this look.

3. Go to the outer corners: With a blending brush, pick up the matte brown. Make sure to gently knock off the excess pigment before applying. To achieve a soft, smokey outer corner, apply the matte brown little by little. This step may need to be repeated several times before a nicely-blended outer corner is created. 

4. Now, using a flat brush, press on the gold pigment in the center of the eyelid. For a more intense application, dampen the brush before picking up the gold, making it more of a paste.

5. Touch-up, apply mascara, and the look is set!