Hoodie Slays!


I do not see a point why one should wear the tops and shirts with complex button styles and hard to carry layers every single day of the Winter season when you have hoodies. I mean they have everything you would want in your winter clothes.

Sweatshirt? SLAYSHIRT!

Hoodies are Warm and Nice

First of all, if the clothes cannot protect you from the chilling wind in the Winters, they make a little sense. Hoodies ace in this department and protect you from cold like no other piece of clothing. They are made from warm material and they are baggy enough to give you enough insulation from the winter wind. This is the first reason I love hoodies – they make you look cute and at the same time be your protector from the cold.

Hoodies are Fashionable

I agree that there was a time when black hoodies were the only thing available to you, but with passing time and young brains pumping the fashion industry, things have changed. The world of fashion has accepted hoodies and they are doing all sorts of things on them. For example, embroidery of hoodies was never a thing until this season. Now, we are not talking embroidery on the complete outfit, but in patches and areas, yes!

They are Fun

The best part about hoodies is the fact that they are farthest you can get from formal clothing. I do not have formal clothes but they are just not so cozy. Hoodies are and they will be. They come in all patterns and designs to top it up. They are baggy, full of space and give you a feel of being lazy and stuff, naturally. Not to mention all the kind of designs they have. Some of them have larger hoods, some have more pockets, some come with an elastic bottom while others have a baggier look. There are endless options and designs available which leaves you with a few reasons to not to have one in your wardrobe.

They are Cute

Some of the pieces are hot, agreed, but most of them are cute and fun. In fact, they induce the cute and fun character in the person wearing them; and this is why you should have at least one of them in your closet. For example, our Unicorn Inspired hoodie with cute accessories on the cap is not only fun but it will also make you look cute. These kind of hoodies, combined with your million dollars and a nice pic are enough to make you Instagram famous.

They are Versatile

And I really mean it. Can you pair up a formal shirt with a cargo pant or a funny t-shirt with a skirt? It will be hard but with hoodies, nothing is impossible. Wear any kind of bottoms you want and pull on a hoodie on the top – perfect versatility.

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