Happy 4th Anniversary:What do We have?


Hey there! June is finally here, and it’s safe to say Summer is basically here. Who does not get excited about Summer time? Summertime is definitely one of the leading seasons. With all this heat coming our way we have to have something to cool us off. Zaful is bringing some major heat to celebrate their 4th year anniversary with a BIG SALE the entire month of June. You heard right, THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE. What better way to cool yourself down in all this heat, besides shopping with Zaful. Picture yourself, in the shade with a glass of lemonade and SHOPPING. Zaful has several guides to saving some cash without trying to burn out your pockets, and you will look fashionable at the same time.

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If you are the fashionista that I know, shopping and saving some coins go hand in hand. Summer is the season for cute shorts, crop tops, jumpsuits, rompers, dresses, etc. Why not shop with a place that has great deals going on. Starting June 1st through the 17th, it is just the warm up for Zaful. Zaful is offering everything like winning free prizes to exclusive coupons. June 18th through the 20th Zaful is present their anniversary carnival. This event will feature free shipping WORLDWIDE and EPIC COUPONS. Who does not love coupons? For the encore of the fabulous event, June 21st through 25th, Zaful will be giving thanks with major deals.You can save tons this month alone when shopping with Zaful.

Use this code to get a discount:ZFYZY

Now if you want a closer look with all of these deals and sales, then you must pay attention to the calendar. We mentioned that the first seven days of the anniversary sale that they will be doing giveaways. However, their major giveaways will be bikinis and bathing suits. What better way to keep yourself cool other than a bikini is this basking sun. This is a major plus when shopping with Zaful, and you get to look cute in the sun for free if you win this giveaway. Some favorites doing the month of June that are coming up are a percentage off jumpsuits, dresses, and two pieces. By reading this post you are getting a special look into what’s to come during this anniversary sale. These are some of the biggest promos ever seen for Zaful, so you don’t want to miss out and then stuck in the heat later.

If we still have your attention, we are going to tell you some of the exclusive codes that will available during this sale. There will be discounts on bottoms ($7 off $49), tops ($8 off $59), dresses ($8 off $59), and swimwear ($11 off $79). Not only that, but some major coupon deals will happen June 18th through the 20th, such as $40 off $300, $25 off $200, $10 off $100, and $5 off $60. Then, June 18th through the 25th there will be BOGO deals with percentages off!

So if you are ready to cool down in this heat, dive head first into this anniversary sale!

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