Fashion Takeaway 2017

BY Mayank

Fashion Takeaway 2017

If you're a fashion-freak then you must definitely hear the latest fashion tips and tricks from all the catwalks from London to Milan. A mix of styles was seen in the latest trends and you will love the new 'you' after dealing with these tips from the biggest and the most famous designers of the world. You know the saying "once a fashionista, always a fashionista!"

Meeting of styles;

As seen lately in fashion shows, a mixture of styles is happening, a big clash of every texture coming together in one piece of fashion. Imagine textures like faux, sequins, sheer and colors like pink, green, yellow all in just one place. Of course, you should take care of how you combine things so you don't end up like a clown searching for a kid's party. Combine your favorite sequins jacket with your favorite multicolor skirt and a checkered shirt if you want to rock this new style of town and look like a supermodel wandering around the New York City.

Sparkly Sequins Bomber Jacket - Green

SALE: $26.54 Was: 50.22

Take your basics to another level;

What is cooler than wearing your favorite comfortable clothes yet looking very chic and stylish? Designers are talking about upgrading your basics and taking them to a higher level by combining patterns, styles and of course colors. Take a glimpse at this ruffled hoodie that will totally change the concept of your everyday look. All that is left for you is to feel comfy and happy with your style and combine your new hoodie with your lovely pair of sneakers, yoga pants and go for a walk at the park!

Slouchy Flare Sleeve Pullover Hoodie - Gray

The racing culture, be a motor chic;

Since racing is known among a lot of cultures, having a 'dangerous' style is very popular and makes you look confident. We have even witnessed this year car mats being used as skirts from different designers and their catwalks. One of the most used textures for this style is of course leather and its many colors like metallic gold or silver. Take a look at this leather motorcycle jacket that you can combine with a lot of stuff.

Embossed PU Leather Motocycle Jacket - Black

Ready, check, go;

The checkered style is in trend again. If you want to look nice and cool then you definitely need to go and get yourself a checkered shirt and complete your daily look. Don't overdo like some designers by wearing everything checkered but try to find the perfect piece that suits you the best. Like some boots, a skirt, shirt etc. You can combine this shirt with a pair of your favorite shorts, jeans or pants and look absolutely amazing today at work!

Loose Checked Collarless Long Sleeve Shirt - Black

SALE: $11.75 Was: $30.58

Don't fear to SHEER;

The most favorite look of all time, the detailed piece of sheers. If you want to look sexy and very stylish then you must own something sheer. A kimono might as well do the trick and make you look amazingly hot. The sheer texture was seen at many catwalks up till now and it is the most favorited by other people. You can combine this kimono with your favorite dress, a pair of jeans or whatever you like because it will probably make you look like a queen. Take a look at this heavenly piece of sheer:

Sheer Lace Tie Front Kimono Cover Up - White

SALE: $16.99 Was: $32.03

Disco Ball style;

What's a closet without some party spirit in it? You definitely need something to rock your evenings! Disco ball style is one of the best that you need this season. Try this dress and combine it with some strappy black heels and you will definitely look very chic and lovely to everyone out there.

Sequins V Neck Y Back Slip Mini Dress - Black