Exact Way To Enjoy Summer: 3, 2,1, JUMP!


Every time I see the weather forecast, the super heat really makes me dizzy and I really wanna escape from the heat waves. Tell me, is there any better way than staying in water to keep cool and fresh? Here are Zaful's dream nature swimming pool, follow me to jump inside: 3,2,1, GO!

1. Devil's Pool

Location: Victoria Falls, Livingstone 20100, Zambia

Devil's Pool

Credit Sunday Chapter

It locates on the edge of the one of the Seven Nature Wonders: Victoria Fall. And because of the drier months of the year, the pool is opened during mid August to mid January.

It takes a rocky walk and swim in the Zambezi to reach the pool. Then the fearless ones leap into the pool and get pushed to the edge by the force of the river. All you need is your costume and your camera.

Devil's Pool

Credit National Geographic

I think safeness is the most important key when picking swimsuits for here. Trust me, you dont want to be naked after jumping into the fall. Lol. Here are some one piece that keep you sharp and safe.


Color Block Cut Out Swimwear - Orange S

Credit @missyjgalvin

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Back Plunging Neck High Cut Floral Swimwear - Light Blue M

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2. Grotta Della Poesia

Location: Sp 366, Roca Vecchia, Melendugno, Italy

Grotta Della Poesia

Credit Mario Antonio Inguscio

This pool is not just a historical site, but one of the places that people came to worship. Its beauty is breathtaking and it shows unique cyan karst landform.

Grotta Della Poesia

Credit Mario Antonio Inguscio

It sits on Adriatic coast. And it has a beautiful history as well. It is said long long ago, a beautiful princess always come Roca Vecchia for bath. Her nobility and elegance captures poets' heart. And there is a Archaeological site of Mycenae nearby. Thanks to its mysterious and charm, we need to grab the pure and simple swimsuit to feel the nature.


Monokini High Cut Backless One-Piece Swimwear - White M

Credit @mommyswineout

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Padded Smocked Bralette Bikini Set - Gray S

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3. Queen's Bath

Location: North shore of Kauaʻi in the town of Princeville

Queen's Bath


It is a unique tide pool on the island. The pool is a sinkhole surrounded by igneous rock, which makes it look like a bathing tub. That is the name: Queen's bath originated. During the peaceful time, the water is so calm without any waves. But in winter, it is considered to be dangerous for being swept into the sea.

The problem is, how can't you dress like a queen to get there?


Color Block Underwire Halter Bikini Set - Black M

Credit @karolina.banas

Get the Color Block Underwire Halter Bikini Set.

Padded Adjusted Straps Velvet Bikini - White S

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4. Hamilton Pool Preserve

Location: 24300 Hamilton Pool Rd. Dripping Spgs, TX 78620

Hamilton Pool Preserve


I am sure to say that one of the most beautiful lakes in USA must be Hamilton pool. The lake is made all naturally. After thousands years, it is magical to see the lake both underneath and on the ground. We can see the fall straightly falls into the water. With the clean and comfort of the water, thousand of people come every year. Pick a comfortable swimsuit and enjoy the view.


Square Laser Cut Bikini Top And Bottoms - Black M

Credit @k_reac

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Textured Plunge Bathing Suit - Purplish Blue M

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5. Figure Eight Pools

Location: Farnell Avenue, Sydney NSW 2232

Figure Eight Pools

Credit Figure Eight Pools

Figure Eight Pools really look like a figure: 8. And we can camp, take a walk, fish or swim here! Don't overlook the beauty of here. Once tides comes, she is a make-up lady. So make sure you have checked the tidal predictions before you go.


Cami Frilly High Leg Bikini - Blue M

Credit @catemoreira

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Contrast Piping High Leg One Piece Swimsuit - Neon Orange S

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