Denim Your Look Right Now!

BY Mayank

There is no better feeling than those vintage denim jeans touching your bare legs while you're walking around town, with full confidence. One thing we know for sure that denim will never be out of fashion, NEVER! Consider investing right now in some new pair of jeans and jackets that will go through those beautiful or sad life moments with you. If you think that people will leave, denim won't! It will always be by your side, keeping you warm and good-looking. To wear denim right, and what types of denim are in style this summer, take a look at our list and enlighten your wardrobe with some modern & stylish pieces of clothing.

Do you know what would look really good with that printed t-shirt you just bought yesterday, and those lovely brown-creamy sandals? A pair of ripped jeans, for sure! Go for a more rebellious look for this season, and feel those youngish days again. Try these cutoffs layered flare jeans from ZAFUL:

Cutoffs Layered Flare Jeans - Denim Blue Xl

Credit @aliceabdelaziz

Ripped Skirted Jeans - Denim Blue L

Credit @nadineabdelaziz

Flower Embroidered Ripped Jeans - Denim Blue S

Credit @lemosmarion

If you don't feel very denim-ish today, then why not try a denim dress? It would look really good at the office or just for grabbing a cup of coffee with some of your old friends. Don’t forget a dramatic necklace or anything that goes well with these kinds of dress. There is not a 'rulebook' to follow when you're wearing denim, and the fashion police won’t follow you if you try to combine it on your own. Just wear it as you feel it. Take a look at this breathtaking ruffled denim dress:

Ruffled Chambray Cami Dress - Blue M

Credit @iuliaandrei

Shop the similar Ruffled Chambray Cami Dress. On SALE: $19.44

Do you know what your closet is rumbling on about all day long? Get me a pair of denim shorts, arrrghhh! No, not really, don't be scared. But denim shorts are a Must-Have this season. You might want to own a pair of two, especially ripped on one side, or show your brave soul and go for both sides.

Fishnet Insert Ripped Denim Cutoff Shorts

Credit @armariodevero

Shop the Fishnet Insert Ripped Denim Cutoff Shorts.

Only black & white left.

Sequins Round Neck Cropped T-Shirt.

ONLY $4.99

Trench coats, the ones that completely change our look, making us feel very special indeed. You didn't think there was a denim trench coat, or did you? Well there is, and we should be happy about it. This lovely trench coat, being extremely cheap and gorgeous will definitely make you feel even more special. Combine it with a mini dress, and a pair of boots and you’re good to go.

Denim Stand Collar Lace Up Shirt Coat - Blue M

Credit @eshakanani

Try a denim jumpsuit to be feminie!

Denim Patch Pocket Flared Jumpsuit - Deep Blue M

Credit @aliceabdelaziz

Shop the Denim Patch Pocket Flared Jumpsuit. On SALE: $26.08

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