Dancing Back to School Haul-The Rybka Twins Part 2

BY The Rybka Twins

We have uploaded the part 1 video from the Rybka Twins. Now here comes the part 2!

Hey guys, I'm Teagan, I'm Sam and we are Rybka twins.Welcome back to our channel. So today's video, Sam and I are doing a Zaful try on haul and review. Zaful is a really really cheap fashion website,it got so much, like accessories, clothes, dresses,everything! But some people get like a little bit my oh my gosh, because it's so cheap not going to like get my order of the place I don't really trust. Actually Zaful is pretty good. And all the products we ordered looks like the ones that we got. And we're also going to put the links to everything that we wear in the description box below so you guys can check that out. Hope you guys enjoyed this video, before we get on with this, be sure to subscribe. If you have already,be sure to thumbs up if you like it.

So the first outfits are these velvet bodysuits. I got mine in rose pink, and Sam got like burgundy red color and I love it with some denim shorts. Really love this v-neck line and thin straps. And these belts that we're wearing are also from Zaful.

So the next outfit of the balletery bodysuit. These glamorous, this sparkly things styled our bodysuits today with some casual denim shorts. Mine is white, Sam got a more jersey look. And they tie in the front. And I love this detail,I love how to mesh and bends and you can dress it up within a few if you like, like boots or something.

So these are our next outfit and we clearly like these colors a lot because we picked them again. But we've changed it up, now Sam is pink and I'm burgundy. So, yeah, I like the chokers on these because choker is so in right now and just because I love a good choker. And also, off the shoulder is always so nice, because it keeps you warm if you get cold at night times.

So, again, we've got finger at I don't know what we were thinking. But those clothes are so popular right now.So, Sam and I styles it different I got mine hanging off the shoulders and Sam have turned it under, like strapless. You can't really tell, so you can go out like that to keep you a bit warmer and if you get hot...yeah. It's very summery, actually pretty nice and again we just styled with denim short. And those sunglasses are also from Zaful.

Off The Shoulder Flouncing Blouse - Wine Red S

Get the Off The Shoulder Flouncing Blouse.

4 colors optional.

Metal Bar Golden Frame Pilot Sunglasses - Golden

Get the Metal Bar Golden Frame Pilot Sunglasses.

5 colors optional.

Gold Crossbar Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglasses - Pink

Get the Gold Crossbar Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglasses.

Silver color is also available.

So I really like this playsuits, because I love playsuits. It's so much easier to do staffing rather than run your dress, cause it's s short. And I love chokers, so here we are again with the choker. And also I love this V design and the embroidery. I love the embroidery!

So this dress, I really like the material and color, so comfit! But it is a bit big for me. Spaghetti straps are nice, I really like the V neckline as well.

So I really like these matching jumpsuits. White and blue are really fresh colors. We also got these caps from Zaful, and they say on this "love more, worry less, all cheer up", like you will be positive and creative and happy. It's actually very comfortable. And they have this,they stays on it and not falling down.

And that's the end of our fashion haul video. We hope you guys enjoyed it. If you liked any of the outfits, you can check it out in the description box down below. Comment down below which are your favorite out of these.

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