Boho Definitely Not Boo-Hoo

BY Mayank

When it comes to bohemian style, not everyone is a free spirit and a brave soul to go running on the streets on this meeting of style and patterns. But this might be it! The season you rock the boho-chic look for the first time. Bohemians were known as traveling people across the Europe, so if you feel like making your life more adventurous try to take your adrenaline up a notch. There are some unwritten rules when it comes to this "non-bourgeois" fashion style, but take a look at our tips and tricks and look charming on your ruffly patterned skirts.

Show your traveling free spirit and start wandering around in a bohemian maxi dress. One of the most beautiful pieces of cloth someone must definitely own in their closet. Try this gorgeous blue maxi dress with white printed patterns, and rock your evenings at the beach. Combine with a beige puffy bag and some beige/brown sandals. Don't forget a dramatic necklace!

Bohemian High Furcal Maxi Dress - Blue

Or you can always go for a floral pattern dress and amaze everyone. Boy, I think they will never go out of fashion! Through some pink pumps, maybe a brown little cute bag and voila, you're ready to hit those perfect summer and sunny days!

Boho Slit Floral Maxi Beach Dress - Black

You may only want a slight touch of this boho style, so if you don't want to go all bohemian downtown, then you can try different types of accessories and shoes. But remember, you have to choose one of these items because wearing a lot of patterns would make you look like a clown. So try to combine with a neutral colored dress or a pair of black jeans that would suit these sandals perfectly fine.

Zip Beading Flat Heel Sandals - Black

If combined perfectly with other items, boho style can mix well with other styles too. For example, this skirt would make you look charming if combined with a white ruffly shirt and a pair of black sandals. Be brave, try new things and make your life more interesting!

Mini Floral Embroidered Flare Skirt - Black

Who would have thought that the boho-chic style is so fun and really showing the spirit of the summer? Don't forget, this is the season to go all boho, not boo-hoo!