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If you haven't finished using up your old make up, but your brought new ones, your beauty products are becoming more and more, or it is getting harder and harder to balance the mountain of items on your dresser. Do not fear, Zaful is here just in time to give your some solutions.

Step one to resolving any issue is finding the problem. Before you accept that this is just the way your dresser now looks, stop wasting time and money today by organizing up your make up storage for good.

11 Pcs Makeup Brushes Kit - Pink

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If your dresser is starting to look like a store, is lack of space is your issue? One thing you need to do is find your bare essentials. The products that you use everyday should be readily available, whilst the others that you only use on special occasions can be stored away neatly.

Opt for a cosmetic organizer, like this one from Zaful, to solve all your over crowding problems.

Cosmetic Organizer Jewelry Box

Price: $37.99

Cosmetic Organizer Jewelry Box - Transparent

This cute storage box is not only practical but stylish too. With it's clear design, you can find your beauty products at a glance. With sections for lipstick, brushes and all your beauty essentials, this is a must have item for any make up lover.

Are you always loosing your favorite item, only to buy a new one and the old one turn up the next day? With bottles and tubes looking more alike it is easy to forget what products you have and what you still need. But how do we solve this issue?

"The more expensive the collection, the more products they will have." Many of us like to use our favorite brand when it comes to make up and beauty products, but it is hard not to get confused with all the bottles when you are rushing to put on your make up in the morning. To combat this, put all of your skin care and make up in order on your dresser for the items that you use daily. Then arrange your other products in different categories, such as lip gloss and eye shadows.

Makeup Storage Makeup Organizer

Price: $24.99

Makeup Storage Makeup Organizer - Transparent

Lipstick is the most prone to getting broken or lost. Powders often crack and leave a mess. However, this storage box is perfect for holding all your make up essentials and solving this issue. It can hold up to 24 lipsticks, and there are drawer compartments for your breakable powders.

Vanity Makeup Organizer

Price: $16.49

Vanity Makeup Organizer - Transparent

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Jewellery Box Makeup Organizer

Price: $7.24

Jewellery Box Makeup Organizer - Transparent

Cotton swabs are a forgotten essential beauty product. Most are stored with make up and other beauty products, making them easy to get dirty, and thrown out without being used. This plastic make up organizer has a compartment just for cotton swabs, making it perfect for your make up touch ups and beauty needs.

Last but not least, beautiful makeup tools really help you start a day with good mood even have a better makeup!

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Cambered Hair Mermaid Shape Facial Makeup Brush - Rose Gold

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