Be Fresh And Chic With Headbands


When it is summer, long hair girls must have the same trouble: after getting home, all my hair stick to my back and they look a mess! Ewww... Is it so hard to be chic while keeping your hair fresh and stay style? Not really, honey. Simply use a headband to save your ass.

But how to match the headbands with your outfit also matters. Let's check it out.

In Gucci 2017 Spring/Summer Fashion shows, headbands are waving back. No matter it is organza with different layers or exotic crochet, they are becoming more different and bring a sense of refreshment. Of course, besides Gucci, we can take a peek at headbands at Dolce & Gabbana shows.

Off Shoulder Ruffle Asymmetric Floral Dress - White S

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1. Build up leisure sense.

When you woke up with some annoying hair spreading out, use a hairband to tuck them inside, then make a bun hair. This is super easy and quick, which must be the favorite of loafers. Slip in a dress and a pair of slippers or espadrilles, you are good to go for a leisure shopping day.

Off The Shoulder Denim Dress - Blue M

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2. Build up retro modern feeling.

Retro waves are super hot all these years. Satin is the best material for retro feeling. As for patterns, pop, striped, and floral are the easy going matching. With exaggerated colors and patterns, your headband must be the high light of your outfit. And wide headband can bring the retro feeling more outstanding. You will look more neat with headband slightly cover your hair line.

3. Build up hip hop sense.

After seeing all the street snaps from Coachella or other music fesivals, my mind has been swept by those hip hop headbands! How can they so chic like that?

You can wear a same color headband with your outfit, accessorizing with a pair of cat eye sunglasses.

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Except for headbands, we have something tricky to be a headband as well ---- Scarves! Tie a knot and rob it on your neck or your head. So convenient and good looking that you should not miss!

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Like what we said before, when you are not sure what pattern or color to choose, just pick the one that share the same color system to your outfit. This is the most conventional way to dress!

Slip Tie Back Plaid Dress - Black White S

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Our handkerchief scarves:

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