Bad Hair Day, Good Hat Day


Wearing a hat is so much easier and more fashionable than trying to play around with your hair in the morning to create that perfect up do. Sometimes all you need for that finishing touch is a hat. Adding a hat to your outfit will give you a whole new look. This fashion week showcased both practical and decorative hats, showing us that hats are an accessory that cannot be ignored this season.

Baseball Caps

The baseball cap is the most common hat in everyday life. A very neutral item, the baseball cap is casual and easy to wear for both men and women. This hat has been at the heart of fashion for many years, with big names such as Balenciaga and Supreme again taking this item back to the catwalk this season.

Faux Suede Baseball Hat - Pink

Origin: $8.78     Now ONLY: $5.71

Knitted Hats

A knitted hat is warmer and more colorful than the classic baseball cap. With a relaxed style that emphasizes a laid back look, this is perfect for the hipster, fashionistas among us. A knitted hat will allow you to show off your facial features and bring focus towards your delicate beauty.

Demon Label Flanging Knit Hat - Black


A beret is a retro style hat that is associated with sophisticated European fashion. Playful and cheery, this hat is suitable for creating a more youthful look. Add a pair of chic glasses for a outfit that is sure to turn heads.

Warm Wool Circle Embellished Beret - Deep Gray


In recent years, the fascinator has also made its way into high street fashion. Usually associated with formal events such as weddings, this hat is easy to turn any drab outfit into an instant glamorous look. Wear with a blazer or shirt to create a truly elegant style with minimal effort. Opt for a black version that can be paired with any outfit.

Stylish Flower Feather Fascinator Headband Wedding Banquet Party Pillbox Hat - Lake Blue

Other Styles

In addition to the above classic hat styles, designers are forever coming up with more strange yet wonderful looks that eventually make it into our wardrobes. Whether it is a take on a nautical cap or simply using a scarf as a head dress, whatever style you choose make sure to get creative and make it unique to you.

Butterfly Knot Cocktail Hat - Red