Autumn/Winter 2018 Trend: Animal Print

BY Eilleen Cullen

Animal prints have long been a wardrobe staple for stylish women,

but get ready to see the trend really take over for winter.


It’s true that these classic leopard patterns never really go out of style.

Not only were they present in every major city and on several major runways,

but ZAFUL showcased them with a bold new twist.


Animal print never really went away,

this season sees more niche contenders like snakeskin,

tiger and zebra print challenge the ever-classic leopard for the top spot.


We are loving the Zebra print fashion in a black and white style.

Throw them all together for a truly fierce ‘fit.


ZAFUL offered fresh takes on a variety of animal-inspired styles.

Come to have a look at our animal accessories.


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