As Soft As Fluffy Fur - ZAFUL Fluffy Coats Collection

BY Kristen Moore

It’s September already!

Time for a major renewal for your wardrobe!

Smart girls always think ahead as they would prepare things early.

Have you prepared yourself for the cold season that is coming on the way?

Today ZAFUL introduces you the Fluffy Coats Collection.


【Warm & Cozy】

When people mention fluffy fur,

it’s always the image of some fluffy bears or something alike

that pops into their head first.

Warm & cosy, a brown or dark color fluffy coat

can invoke people’s desire for safety and close relationships.

Imagine that, outside your house, is a world of white,

with snow gradually falling onto the ground.

And you can just relax in your super fluffy coat which is so soft that makes you think

that you are a baby bear cuddled by the mama bear.


ZAFUL also has some fluffy coats that are warm & cozy. Check out them from the links below!

【Pure & Chic】

White as a feather, pure as snow, when light color meets with fluffy coats,

it certainly brings the fairy inside you out.

A glass of champagne, or a nice cup of tea

will definitely go with those light & solid-colour coats.

If you want to look chic in the cold wind and stay warm at the same time,

then these coats below are your options!


ZAFUL also has some fluffy coats that are pure & chic. Check out them from the links below!

【Sweetheart's Dream】

Did you ever have a pink dream in which

you are surrounded by giant pink bubbles or super fluffy flamingo toys?

If you are a sweetheart type of girl,

then you must love the pink coats ZAFUL recommends for you.


Cuteness alert! ZAFUL has some cute fluffy coats for you here!

Go check out them from the links below!

If you are tired of solid color coats,

you can always go with a pattern.  Patterns are fun!

Leopard print, stripe pattern, geometric pattern…they not only light up your wardrobe,

but also adds extra charm to your vibe.

With so many choices, I am sure you can find your favourite one.


Here, ZAFUL presents you some of the most interesting pattern fluffy coats!

Check out them from the links below!

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