All About Statement Sleeves

BY Dinasha Ebert

Are you ready to make your own statement with what you wear when you walk in to a place? Then we have the perfect idea... Wear the coolest statement sleeve and get all heads turned at you.. Yes it works. Statement Sleeves are grabbing all the attention and why should you be left in the dark.

Whatever the trend it is, Statement Sleeve seems to be in it this season rather this year. Casual or formal, sleeve has become significant in every style. Bell Sleeve, Bishop Sleeve, Ruffle Sleeve, Flute Sleeve, Trumpet Sleeve, Super Flared Sleeve and list goes on... All these statement sleeves are making a bigger appearance in fashion this year.

So roll up your sleeves and check out cool statement sleeve styles on ZAFUL.

Layered Ruffle Sleeve to add some dramatic flair to your look. Go out with loud and fun Ruffle & Layered Sleeves if you love attention. Zaful check Layered Sleeve top will give you the perfect modern chic look.

Layered Sleeve Striped Wrap Blouse - Blue And White M

Shop the Layered Sleeve Striped Wrap Blouse. On SALE: $15.49

Bell Sleeves is still the same as it was decades ago. From Blouses to sleek dresses, bell sleeve has been adding quite a strong statement to all of them. Zaful Tribal print casual dress is a must have in your closet for this summer.

Bell Sleeve Tribal Pattern Print Dress - Red L

Shop the Bell Sleeve Tribal Pattern Print Dress. On SALE: $17.99

Cold Shoulder Sleeves are your statement if you prefer to bare a little skin. Check out the modern Cold Shoulder Top available at ZAFUL.

Off-the Shoulder has been in trend for quite a while and seems it will stay in trend for days to come. The Perfect statement sleeve type for you to pick in you are relaxed going out mood in summer. Show off your shoulder skin and make everyone feel you are on holiday every day.

Layered Ruffle Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top - Blue Xl

Shop the Layered Ruffle Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top. On SALE: $15.29

Flare Sleeve is a little more than a Bell Sleeve and more feminine and subtle. Flare Sleeve in different lengths will help you decide to match it with perfect pair of Jeans to jump in. Zaful white Flare Sleeve top with a touch of embroidery will give you the perfect summer trend look to stand out.

Depending on the occasion it is up to you to decide how exaggerated your statement sleeve can be.

Styling Tip: It is better to keep your accessories to a minimum when you wear a statement sleeve. Focus on sleeve is a better option rather than worrying about accessories.