Affordable Bikini Collection + Try On

BY KallieKaiser

Okay guys, it's Kallie. For today's video, I'm so excited. Because I'm filming an affordable bikini collection for you guys. All of these bikinis are from I will leave a link down below description box for all of them. I'm trying on about 20 to 25 bikinis for you guys in this video. A lot of people are skeptical on bikinis that come from China, that are cheap and they're afraid it's not reliable. I believe in Zaful, I think they're really reliable. I order from them before and now I have over 20 bikinis to share with you guys from them. So they are very affordable and I hope you guys enjoy. Most of them, actually all of them are size small, but I wish some of them were size medium, just because how they fit me. But I will mention in this video those that cut in on my skin and I wish they were a medium. Also, if you guys want to follow me on my Instagram, it is @kalliekaiser and my snapchat is kallieann. So here we go~

This is a crochet white and black bikini. It's pretty low rise in the front as you guys can see and you'll see when I tried on. The bottom, it's not full coverage, it's a little cheeky. Uhm... this is so comfortable and it held up really nice. I like the way sewn together. The top is very thin, so you can knit through depending on who you are as a person. Um... as you guys can see how thin that is, but the back just looks like this. This one's a size small. It's a very thin material in the middle, I guess it kind of looks like neoprene, but it is not. Yeah, I think this is really great. I think this is going to photograph awesome.

This bikini is so beautiful. It's all crochet, you really honestly don't see anything through there, so nothing is going to show if you're worried about that. Here are the bottoms. The bottoms could be cheeky depending on how big your bum is, but I love the seashell design on the top and the bottoms. I think it's so pretty and so neat. Hopefully I can wear this soon to the beach or something, because I just love the little details on it.

Honestly, this is probably my favorite bikini that I picked out, just because it's so flattering on and it was so inexpensive. It's just this beautiful green leaf design with white all over. It's one piece I've lately been loving one pieces but it's a plunging neckline which is really hot. The back just tied like this and it's also flattering in the back too, kind of looks like you're wearing a bikini in the back. And then when you turn to the front, boom, it's a one-piece.

This one is another one my favorites. I'm actually obsessed with this red bikini, only because I've never owned a red bikini before, because they're expensive. So, perfect for this video, this one has strappy things going on right here, the back straps are braided that tie together and then they just have these little fringes hanging down. I really really like this bikini, has pads, so nothing's going to show through. And then here are the bottoms, they're braided across, like your low-rise section and then it's just like a cutout of braids as well. I think this red color is gorgeous and it's not to walk. It doesn't wash me out a lot, even though I am a pale person. But right now, I definitely have a spray tan, I'm not normally this tan.

This is another one of my favorite bikinis. The bottoms look like this, they are a little cheeky. Wait, that's the back, this is the front. I don't know if you guys can see that there's just cutout lines across the hips. And the top is amazing, um... so your skin is just going to show through on the cutouts. And this is a really thin material, so you might knit through this depending on how cold it is wherever you're swimming. It's ties are nice sewn together and it is so inexpensive and it's such a beautiful bikini.

I really love the design of this bikini, except the bottoms are a bit small, so I want this suit in a size medium. The bottom is cut in on my skin a little bit, but otherwise it fits really really great. The cups or triangles on the front are really tiny on the size 32c in a bra, so I would definitely go with a medium in this suit and probably depending on who you are too. I would definitely size up with this bikini, but I love the way the nude corresponds with the black, it looks really great and this is going to photograph really great as well.

This is so cute, it's a blue, it's like a baby blue snakeskin design. This is silky soft, the bottom is definitely cheekier then most bikinis I own and then it's kind of just like a hipster bottom, kind of like that underwear design if you know the hipster design. The top is a very thin material, but it's very silky and really nicely made. It's just ties and then the tops are just triangles like this. I think this size small fits me great.

This one is a little different than most bikinis which I love, I love anything that's different, you're kind of obnoxious. So the bottoms go like this, it says God save Queens. I've no idea what that means, so if someone could comment down below in the description box and help me out. That would be awesome. So the bottoms were like this and they're elastic. So it definitely stretches out and it's very comfortable on the body. It doesn't cut in, but it can cut in depending on your body type. And then here is the top, you can almost totally wear this as a bra, like under cute knitted sweater or something like that if you are uncomfortable wearing something the strappy to the beach or in a pool. But again these have pads in it, this is elastic, so it fits around anyone who's in between a size small or medium. I really enjoy this bikini, I think it's kind of obnoxious and weird.

I love halters of cool designs up here, so we have this gorgeous halter bikini. I wish this wasn't a size medium, just because I hope you guys can see the width of it is not very large, it does have pads in it which is really really nice. It's sewn together, really nice for the price. And I don't know if you guys can see, but this is so cool. I love the design on this, and then it comes with just normal plain black bottoms. The size small of these black bottoms with little cutouts fit perfect, they're full coverage in the back. And I just really can't wait to photograph in this bikini, I think it's going to photograph amazing.

I'm normally not the girl to go with a bright pink and red bikini, but when I read the reviews on this one, people really love that, they said it fits great. So it's ties like this, which I really really like. The cup size of the triangles fit great and there is padding in here, so you will not nip through this. The bottoms are so comfortable, they are cheeky though, so they're a little small. I love the designs on the size with the cutouts, I think that's really cute and I think this bikini looks really great on camera ,I can't wait to wear this one too. And for how cheap it is, it's made very nice.

This white one-piece had really really great review, so I was like okay, I totally have to get it. It's double lunge, so you really aren't going to see anything. I have not gotten this bikini white, so I don't know if it's see-through or not. But honestly it looks like an amazing white bikini, it's held up really nice. The sewing on it or the structure is really great. It has like these metal hoops that loop through the lace and this is a small with an open back. This is really flattering on the body.

The colors on this one are so fun. I absolutely adore this bikini. It is a little big on me across my chest right here, it just is a little bagging and aligning. It has a mesh detail in the middle, I don't know if you guys can see that. Just because it's double lined mesh, so it's kind of hard to see through it. The bottoms cut in on my skin a little, so I definitely want a medium in the bottom, so at the top is a little bigger. So they kind of just don't go well. But the pattern is so cute, I love the contrast between the black and then the pastel flowers. I really like this bikini, you get an awesome bikini for a low price.

This suit is so much fun, maybe if I live in California now, I would definitely wear this surfing. The only thing is the lining is elastic. This elastic is a little bit stretched out, as you guys can see, how it's like crimping. So that's the only thing, otherwise the suit is so comfortable. I love the halter design, it does have pads in it which is really great. You definitely get an awesome suit for the price that you paid. The bottoms fit amazing, and when I say amazing, they literally fit perfect. Also, if you're in between sizes of a size small and medium, it doesn't matter, because this stretches, so it's not going to cut into your skin, which is really great.

I love this bikini. The front looks like this, with a nude background and then the back is just all black. This is full coverage, size small, the top looks like this. I wish this top didn't have padding, just because it pushes me up more than I would like and in a bikini I kind of just like to feel relaxed and free, you know? But yeah, I really love the design of this bikini. I think it's really cute.The only thing right here is like near the crotch, it kind of like hangs down lower, it's a little baggy that could just be from my body, I don't know how. But yeah, I think this photographs really well and it kind of looks like the beach bunny swimwear bikini, which I love.

These are probably my favorite booked bottoms I received. I know they're really small, I don't know why they're so tiny. But when they're on, they don't look this small. They have really strappy sides, it's like a light pink snakeskin design or Python design I guess you can see. The back is not full coverage, is very cheeky and the top is super silky. The only thing is you definitely will nip through this if you get cold, because it is double line. But since the material is like... almost like silk, it's very thin. And I don't know if you guys can see it's not see-through, but you get the idea. It's a halter top design and then the back fits perfect and it has these three nice straps that I like. I love strappy bikinis.

I really don't own a light pink bikini, so I'm happy to finally own a light pink bikini. The back is super super strappy, it's kind of like a halter top design. Here are the bottoms, they're super delicate and pretty with the strappy sides of three strings. And this is full coverage on my but at least, because my butt is small. And then there's padding and it's sewn really really nice together for the price that you pay for this one.

I love one pieces, but I'm really just not a fan of this one. I think the design is really cute, but with this suit you definitely get me pay for/ As you guys can see, where the pads are placed, it's just awkward. I don't know if you guys can see that, if anything I would just cut these out. The back lace up is actually really pretty and flattering on the body and then the top is a little big right here on me. But I like the straps and it's really comfortable and it fits pretty good.

This is another one piece I'm not very happy with. Just because the pad placement is so awkward, as you guys can see that right there. Honestly, I like when one pieces don't have any padding, it's just a double line bikini is enough for me. And then the back just ties in this, I had to tie the back extra tight just because this part of the suit is really baggy. But the high-waisted part works connected work nice, fits me really great. And I honestly love this neutral tone, I think it's really pretty. But I probably will end up wearing this to the beach or swimming, if I happen to wear it probably just paper photo shoot or something function photographing.

This bikini is really really great, just the bottoms ruined it for me. I need this bikini in size medium, because the bottoms cut in on my skin, like as you guys can see me just holding this up, this is so tiny. So unless you are twig, this is going to cut in on you major, so I'm either gonna size medium or a size large. The design is so cute, I love the design and honestly it fits great. It's just these cut into my skin, which kind of cuts off the circulation of my legs. The top is like this, you kind of have to pull these up every once a while, because they fall down. So that it continues to have this strap things going on up here.

This black low-cut one-piece did not work out for me just because the fabric was so thin. I don't know if you guys can see me just stretch it. This one didn't work out, I'm probably gonna have to wear it as a bodysuit with normal clothing or high-waisted jeans. It actually was a little big on me, the back is super open and revealing. You get what you paid for with this bikini and I wish it was double lined or had some sort of padding in it to help structure on the body. But other than that, I don't recommend getting this one.

This suit is definitely not on my favorites, just because it's not really me, as a person like my style I guess you could say. I love the color blocking bottoms, white and black, super cute. The only problem is these cut in into my skin a lot which I didn't really enjoy, so I just ended up wearing black bottoms with this and it turned out great. If you really like geometric designs, this suit is for you and it's really not that expensive. The only thing is there is heavy padding, as you guys can see the circles outlined in there. There's heavy padding and as halter, I like halters with no padding. I don't know, it's just me. Or very little padding. This just makes it seem like my chest is way bigger than it really is, which is fine I guess you could say. But yeah, you get what you pay for with this bikini and it's actually really great. It has an awesome snap in the back and it fits around my bust, which is like 32. Really great!

Thank you guys so much for keep in time to watch this video. I really hope you enjoyed it. I had so much fun creating this video for you guys. I will leave a link down below in the description box for all of Zaful's bikinis. Please comment which one was your favorite or if you are interested in buying any. I would love to know, because there's just so many, it's overwhelming.

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