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The elements that are still popular this year,no only wide leg pants,but also Tassel Clothes.From autumn and winter to early spring,In the spring and summer show of the great fashion week, the figure of the tassel appears frequently.Fashion ICON attend activities or street pat,all cannot do without use tassel as a collocation to attract the eye!

If you don't have a tassel,how can you say you are a snappy dresser?

Tassels and broad leg pants are the elements of the fashion circle.It could be especially popular for some time.But it may disappear in a period of time to.This year's tassel elements have been favored by the fashion personages,it's back to the fashion circle again.In addition to stunning colors, tassels can also make your appearance romantic and vivid.

Tassel skirt:

The easiest thing to wear is a tassel skirt,the most fascinating place in the tassel is,how do you move it will follow you,even if you don't move it will fly in the wind.Full of fairies how it was.

Free and rebellious tassels,sweaters, suits, dress can also hold on.With the difference in color, material and style, the tassel can show a variety of different styles.

Tassel coat:

Not only tassel skirt,the tassel's coat is also a style worth to trying.

Tassel bag:

Of course, there are still have some people will feel it was difficult to wear out with the tassel,so a tassel bag is enough brighten your whole style.

Tassel Earrings:

In addition, there are no less the Tassel Earrings.

Are there any products you like in the above list?If yes,hurry up.

Let's have a beautiful spring together!

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