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The Zaful 4th Anniversary Sale is a word of mouth ever since it started its crazy anniversary sale. Until now, Zaful is ending this anniversary sale with the 4th Anniversary Encore where Zaful gives thanks to their customers. You can win free gifts + up to 90% Off of the items. You'll get exclusive deals down to $3.99, an anniversary combo deals as low as $4.99 for 2 items. There's really a lot in store, so I make sure I grab a chance to stock up on my summer outfits to save tons. As of now, I'm crazy over floral romper and you can blame the girl, right? Look at these gorgeous pieces I'm eyeing to hit my shopping cart this week.


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The color of these two rompers is soothing in the eyes. I just find it delightful. It is a perfect color to wear if you are not into loud color, something very vivid. I love that it is long sleeve, I find it smart to wear pairing up with heels. It is casual yet sophisticated. Also, the crochet romper (1st photo) has a full lining; it makes this piece a great one. The 2nd photo is simply gorgeous. With its shirring from the neckline, sleeves, and hem in the bottom, adding the tie front ribbon; I don't find this overwhelming because the color is nude. Agree?

Use this code to get a discount:ZFYZY

I would definitely wear this kind of rompers outdoor. With the sun's unforgiving heat this summer, I'd rather deal with tan lines later than feeling like inside the microwave in an inappropriate outfit. Agree? Yes, I will wear this when I go travel especially on a road trip. Nothing is better than a comfy outfit. Also, these are good colors for picture takings. I'm sure you'll stand out.

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I am not into deep neckline but the high slit of the first jumpsuit would make me buy this. Slits are a way of showing off your legs without even trying. So, yes, this jumpsuit will definitely hit my shopping cart. And about the second jumpsuit, do I need to say more? The color alone screams summer and I love the halter neckline.

Use this code to get a discount:ZFYZY

I am not blessed in the chest department but it doesn't mean I can't wear a bandeau. There's a joke about this; never ever wear a bandeau if you are flat-chested because it will just fall down. Not really though; it's just a joke. I would wear these bandeau jumpsuits and I'm not scared at all. Or better save the embarrassment you're thinking of; buy an adhesive. Anyway, the main reasons why I would consider buying these bandeau jumpsuits are (1) it is a padded bandeau (yes, it has a built-in bra); and (2) the bandeau has flouncy ruffles (it makes my flat chest not really noticeable). So, there you go.

In addition to our jumpsuit topic, these floral jumpsuits remind me of the time when I attended a beach wedding three years ago and it was summer season. I wore a floral jumpsuit then. What I love about that beach wedding of my client was that you can wear anything as long as it is in floral print. If ever there's another beach wedding I'd be invited in, I will definitely wear one of the floral jumpsuits above. Who wouldn't love these jumpsuits? It is also a stunning outfit to wear at summer parties. I wish I have many friends who are crazy about summer parties so I can wear these jumpsuits every day. Haha.

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