6 Swimsuits That Can Hide Your Tummy & Belly Fat This Summer

BY Daniella Bature

6 Swimsuits That Can Hide Your Tummy & Belly Fat This Summer

One thing that virtually all girls who have a tummy have in common is that feeling of insecurity and finding it extremely difficult to step out in a bikini especially at the pool or beach where almost everyone seems to be walking around with unbelievably flat and perfectly toned abs. And it kind be a struggle to find swimsuits that you actually feel comfortable talk more of even feeling sexy which is why this post shows you six swim suits from Zaful that will actually help to disguise your tummy and highlight your strong points while making you feel sexy, confident and ready to slay all summer long.

All swim suits are available on the Zaful website in different sizes and the photo captions contain links to each one.

This black two-piece is first of all very slimming because we all know the color black makes you look slimmer. And then the halter neck adds detail to your upper region drawing eyes up there while the high waist bottoms are great for flattening your tummy and your sides.

Frilled Plunge One Piece Swimsuit - Pink L

Shop the Frilled Plunge One Piece Swimsuit. ONLY $11.99

5 Colors Optional.

This piece is not only cute and very summery as well. The frilled details on the hands and the plunging neck line takes the emphasis away from your tummy and more on those details.

Shaping Crisscross Plunge One Piece Swimsuit - Black L

Shop the Shaping Crisscross Plunge One Piece Swimsuit. ONLY $13.99

3 Colors Optional.

This one piece not only makes you look slimmer because it's black, it also helps to shape and give you a silhouette while drawing attention to the crisscross detail at the top which is trendy right now.

Zig Zag Cami Push Up Bikini Set - White And Black S

Shop the Zig Zag Cami Push Up Bikini Set. ONLY $10.99

The bottom of this swimsuit is super highwaisted, it's multicolor and the zigzag pattern all helps to hide your tummy and any fat around your sides. Plus the halter neck is really cute and its push up for those who may need some boob lift.

This one is perfect because the prints disguise your tummy and then the fringes on top help to cover it up some more.

So far, you have noticed prints, patterns and multiple colors helping to disguise the tummy. This tankini has all those details plus an extra – the peplum. Peplums are great for creating the illusion of a small waist, fuller hips and making your tummy not so obvious.

There you have it, 6 swimsuits and you'll be on your way to actually having fun and not bothering about how everything looks around your mid area.