5 Extraordinary And Unique Bags That Every Girl Must Own

BY Mayank

Bags are definitely in love with your outfits, be it day or night. They are so close to each other, that you might get jealous sometimes that you don't have a relationship like them! Do you ever get that feeling when you go out without a bag that you are completely naked? If you get into the world of bags, is hard to get out. You will get very addicted and will try to own each one of it, every color and every pattern will look wonderful to you. Well, that's not a shame, since there is no better way to complete your outfit. You deserve to reward yourself once in awhile, there is nothing wrong on that and this is your perfect chance. Here are 5 types of extraordinary bags that you must own in your closet right now. Don't get fooled by their unique styling, they will only make you look like a superstar.

1. Pineapple Shaped Bag

This bag would definitely make anyone passing by to crave for some pineapple. It is indeed small, lovely and very unique and you can combine it with a white dress for example and a pair of your favorite white sandals. You can bring it at that perfect planned picnic or go and get a cup of coffee with your friends and look extraordinary cute. Don't miss this chance of having something so cool in your closet, and make all your friends jealous of you!

Funny Pineapple Shaped Crossbody Bag - Black

Credit @ohsoboheme

Funny Pineapple Shaped Crossbody Bag

Credit @pannaem

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Funny Pineapple Shaped Crossbody Bag

Pic via @virginiabymia

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2 Colors Optional.

2. Flowers Cut Out Bucket Handbag

This is the kind of bag that will leave anyone staring at you and your bag and of course asking you of the place you bought it, believe us! It looks just like a bucket full of flowers. The cut up flowers look very pretty and based on this year’s trends, baby pink color and flowers are very popular among the fashion shows, so if you want to feel very trendy today try getting something unique for your closet.

3. Cat Shaped Tote Bag

Didn't you always wanted a cat but your parents won't let you have it? And now you are all grown up and you never experienced having an animal friend as a kid. Well say no more, this shaped cat tote bag is that cute that you want to hold to it forever and never let it go. We know it's not the same thing as a real cat, however making yourself a gift once in awhile and getting all revved up about it, is not a shame.

Cat Shape Solid Color Tote Bag - Silver

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2 Colors Optional.

4. Characters Printed Bag

We know you would like to have a bag like this one in your closet, it will fit in with your outfit so good that you would even want more character printed bags in your closet. You can find it in two colors, black and red and you can combine it with any black & white clothes that you own, it would go perfectly well with your red lipstick as well. It will definitely make you feel very brave and confident while walking downtown.

Characters Printed Chain Colour Spliced Crossbody Bag - Red

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2 Colors Optional.

5. Skull Shaped Bag

If you are going to have a night out and you just can't find the perfect bag, then look no more, this is your perfect chance to look good and make everyone at the club turn their head around when you get into that door. Especially if you are into the black color, and more into a rockstar style then this is the right bag for you. Combine it with your favorite black dress and go rock that party tonight and leave everyone speechless!

Skull Shape Kiss Lock Chains Evening Bag - Black

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