July 30th is International Friendship Day. So why not celebrate this festival by wearing matching fits. Plus, we know that you've been searching for BFF outfits ideas for some time. Check out some super cute BFF, bestie outfit ideas below.
Wanna go out with you bestie with a baddie queen look? You both need a killer dress! Wearing the same color as your BFF is fine, just make differences in the details of your dresses.  I'm feeling the vibe of femme fatale already!
You got a weekend date with your BFF in the citywho you haven't seen for some time. You will wander in the city, have some coffee and of course, update your relationship status. These are the dresses that you'll be comfortable in but still look effortless pretty.
Wanna take some insta-worthy picnic pics with you bestie?  Tips: wear florap panttern and pastel color dresses!
You and your BFF decide that you don't wanna dress too fussy today. That doesn't prevent you looking gorgeous, as always. Wearing white can add to a minimalist vibe.
Just like you and your bestie, pink makes a good match with white !  One of you could wear a pink top and a white bottom while the other one do the opposite.