4 Tips To Get Travel Beauty Perfection


Christmas is coming, and for most of you that means winter vacations to far off destinations. Here, we show you four outfits that you can wear in a variety of different locations this winter, and to make the most of your travel style.
Destination: Quiet town
Keywords: Color
If you are traveling to a quaint little town, you need to wear something that suits the quiet, romantic mood. These small towns really have a laid back feel, and whether it is sitting outside a small museum, or wandering the bustling market streets, you need to wear something to suit the atmosphere. These towns are great for taking photos and wearing a cute floral dress is prefect to really capture the personality of the area.

1.Floral dress

Fashion tips: Wearing a colorful dress and sunglasses will make your photos look like you are in an old movie. Go for retro styles to really get the look.
Flower Print Plunging Neck Crossed Dress

2.Pink knit dress

Fashion tips: For a fairy tale look straight out of a Disney movie, go for a pale pink and white dress with a cute pair of heels.
Turtleneck Ribbed Knit Midi Dress

3.Lemon print skirt

Fashion tips: The combination of print and yellow will really make you stand out and give a modern, romantic style that is perfect for small town settings.
Straps Lemon Print Single-Breasted Dress

Destination: Azure beach
Keywords: Strapless
Whether it is stepping on the sandy beach, walking in the sea breeze, or going surfing, having fun by the sea is a great way to spend vacation. Wearing strapless dresses and tops are a good for fully embracing the winter sun on your skin.

4.Printed thigh split dress

Fashion tips: Walk near the sea with the breeze blowing your dress creates a simple look that does not need any accessorizes.  
Printed Thigh Split Maxi Dress