2018 Zaful Summer Dress Guide

BY Ruth Maldonado

2018 Zaful Summer Dress Guide

Even though we just hit spring I feel summer is calling to us already. The usual list of shorts, tanks, sandals and sundresses are on my summer to buy list. However, I do tend to lean towards wearing dresses during the summer time because they are cooler and are a quick grab and go without having to coordinate multiple pieces. Always a plus because all I want to do is hang out in the heat and sunshine!

Pastels, brights, stripes, polka dots; how do you know what trends you should be looking for this summer? In three words. All. Of. It. These patterns and different shades of color are all trending right now and luckily even on a budget I’m not going to have to pick and choose what I would buy.

All these trends are featured on Zaful and because of their amazing prices I’ll be able to purchase a sunny yellow or blush or multi colored stripes or a classic blue polka dots or even a sage green sundress for the summer.

So, what colors can you wear if you’re wanting to stand out and make a big statement this summer? Look for the bright primary colors tomato red, emerald green, cobalt blue and canary yellow to take your wardrobe to a whole new colorful level. A statement making dress can be paired with a pair of white sandals to really make the colors stand out even more.

Polka dots are literally popping up everywhere and it’s looking like they are on their way to becoming a big trend. They’re becoming more than just little white polka dots, so expect big and many colorful options. If you’re wanting to step up your pattern game this is way you can do it. The lighter colors of lavender, sky blue, blush and sage green are a soft way to embrace the pretty shades of summer weather. Pairing the soft shades with a pair of bright fun embroidered sandals or Mexican style slides is one way to really make your wardrobe fun and stand out. Lastly fun multi colored stripes are a nod to the 70s revival trend that is going on. Be prepared to turn in your typical navy stripes for something bolder. These stipes will be bright and fun and emulate everything summer is about. The cute striped dresses could be paired with wedges or platform sandals to bring out the 70s era fashion.

Zaful always has a great collection of trendy and fun summery dresses. You better believe that you’ll be able to find all of these trends (and more) on their site. Because of the great prices you’ll be able to find me all these styles of sundresses on my blog and social media this summer! Be sure to check out my blog ( for some serious fashion inspiration and Zaful’s website for their great deals. They will be offering all of the classics you love and trends that you’ll be looking for this summer at great prices!

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