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Embroidery Survives This F/W Embroidery Survives This F/W

Embroidery fashion trend dates back to Chinese, where during the Zhou Dynasty, embroidery patterns and symbols were used to describe different meanings of life and culture. Embroidery, retro and full of personality, remains the must have elements for this F/W. The traditional combination of needle and thread not only shows the delicacy and refinement, but also evokes our love.

Mark Down These Potential Accessories Mark Down These Potential Accessories

Four of most famous fashion weeks, lasted for one month, has finally ended. Besides revealing the latest trend of the new quarter, accessories are our spotlights as well. Except for those really expressive but not suit for daily matches, we can still learn from the fashion elements. These potential accessories has been locked down by Zaful!

How to Wear Shorts During the Fall? How to Wear Shorts During the Fall?

We love shorts/ skirts. They are hot and that is all we need to look. But with winters coming in, wearing shorts is going to get difficult. I mean the temperature is going to kill us and giving the wind room to get in direct contact with the skin is definitely a big no from me. So, does this mean that I should just give up on wearing shorts? Well, I for one, am not stopping from wearing shorts no matter how cold it is. Do I not care about myself? Yes, I do. So, shorts? Let me give you a few ways