Trick To Shoot Perfect Bikini Posts


In such hoooot days, many fashionista take a vacation and go to the beach. Which means, we got a lot sexy beach posts to see! :) How can we leave out? Zaful believes that most of you love the beach time and to seize the memorable moments. But afraid of not having body shapes as good as the top models, or you get the curly body shapes, just don't know how to make the perfect poses to leave the perfect photos... After all, we need good photos that post on Instagram. ;) Here Zaful teach some tricks for you to make the bikinis poses.

1. Bambi pose

Squat pose is out. And if you haven't heard of Bambi Pose, I think you should have to read this carefully. Instagrammers are sitting with their legs folded underneath them to accentuate their backsides and hips while making their waists look narrower. We have to say Bella Hadid is a super big fan to Bambi Pose. We can steal the trick from such super model. A little bit confused how to pose it right? Check these:

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Why did it call Bambi Pose? Because it did come from Bambi -- the little deer from Disney.

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These girls shows their thigh brows as well! Don't know what is thighbrows? It became famous in 2015 because of Jenner and Kardashian. It refers to the skin crease that forms at the top of the thigh whenever a person bends forward, sits, or kneels.

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2. Pick a good prop

The mirror in the fancy hotels are a perfect places for selfie. Almost every idol love to take thousands of bikini selfies in the front of the mirror. You can make the best poses that you think and monitor the best part of your body. No matter you wanna show off your bikini or your body curves!

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Except for a mirror, a swimming float is a really good prop as well! Flamingo floats have been a really good partner for bikini shooting. Cute, fashion and eye catching!

Embroidered Bowknot Bikini Set - White

Credit @yamiikock

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A donut float is also a good choice. Soaking the sun ray while feeling the cool of the water.

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3. Show out your body movement

If you are really good at yoga, ballet, stretching, anything. Don't hesitate to show it up with your bikinis. People love these kind of uniqueness and will be surprised at how soft you body are!

Pick a place with less crowd, lay down and stretch upwards both your legs. It isn't a hard movement, but few people have thought of posing it!

Soft Pad Spaghetti Straps Thong Bikini Set - Yellow

Credit @briepz

Halter Stereo Flower Bikini Cute Bathing Suit - Black

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Handstand is not a easy way to pose, but trust me, practicing handstanding is not only good for body shaping but also an eye-catching skill when you wanna do outstanding photo shoot in the crowed.

Monokini High Cut Backless One-Piece Swimwear - Black

Credit @215yoga

4. Others

Sometimes a good bikini post is not just about the body shape or the bikini. It depends how you make a great composition or the creativity. Taking good advantage on palm tree shades is creative. Make sure the leaf mid line overlays on your spine, which looks slender and special.

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Get these little tricks to make perfect bikini posts? Grab a Zaful swimwear, go to the beach NOW!

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