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Crochet Bikinis Trends Crochet Bikinis Trends

Bohemia is the secret code of holidays; printed maxi dresses, beach, coachella are its password. Imagine this: when you put on a glamours floral maxi dress and are going to take a selfie to post on Instagram. However, one view came into your eye: the same dress even with the same slender belt! What? Wanna be unique? Avoid those fairy dress first!

Early Spring, Time For New Beginnings And Cute Fashion Early Spring, Time For New Beginnings And Cute Fashion

Every woman is a girly girl at heart, even if they dress with a tough exterior, you are sure to find a cute accessory or two lurking in their wardrobe. This season is all about getting playful with your look and channeling the cute, girl next door style, and Zaful is here to show you how.

Ruffle Up, It Could Save Your Style Ruffle Up, It Could Save Your Style

Ladies and gents and more importantly fashionistas, ruffles are here to take over your heart. All you need is some wind, and some style and your ruffles will perform magic in your closet, or in the street more preferably. You may ask how to pull off this style as an adult, by not looking as headed to the prom? Well as simple as it looks, you should know that ruffles must be as dramatic as they can. Big or small, neat or asymmetrical all you need to know how to take over the city, is to hear some